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Digital Payment and Billing Platform

iPaySmart is the industry’s trusted and proven AI-Powered Vertical Specific Digital Customer Experience Payment Platform. Our integrated platform is designed to facilitate seamless, secure payments, while also automating billing processes and offering a range of payment options. The comprehensive platform is augmented by advanced analytics, driving improved revenue streams and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. With advanced AI technology, we're strategically focused on industries such as Energy & Utilities, Municipalities, Telecom, eMobility, Energy Trading & Exchange, and Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

Our integrated platform streamlines the entire payment collection and validation process, offering automation, configurability, and scalability for an optimized billing and payment CX experience. We take pride in setting a new industry standard for payment solutions, benefiting businesses of all sizes. 
Additionally, our commitment to compliance is unwavering, as we hold Level 1 PCI-DSS, NACHA, ADA, GDPR, and CCPA certifications. This ensures that customers can trust in the safety and security of their payment experiences with iPaySmart.

Extensive Partner Network

iPaySmart expands and makes it easy for your customers to pay their bills through today's most popular payment channels, giving customers the power to pay when, where and how they want.

End-to-End Integrated Billing & Payments Platform

From streamlined, all-inclusive intricately detailed bill designs to secure payment checkouts, our platform offers everything that a business requires.

Consumer-Centric Offerings

iPaySmart elevates the billing and payment lifecycle with expanded payment and communication channels, driving engagement, maximizing adoption and increasing satisfaction right at the consumer level.

iPaySmart for Payments

Accelerate Revenue Realization and Simplified Operations by
Supercharging Customer's Payment Experience.

  • Multiple and Flexible Payment Methods
  • Real-time, Secure and Compliant 
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Payment Extensions and Automatic Payments
  • Powerful Reporting and Analytics
iPaySmart for Billing- An Integrated Suite

Now Give Your Users a Choice to View & Pay Bill, Review Bill History, Adopt Paperless Billing
and Much More with iPaySmart's
Self-Service Platform.

  • Supported by Multiple AI/ML Use Cases
  • Access to Historic Bills
  • Intuitive and Intelligent Bill Design
  • Device Agnostic and Multi-lingual
  • Multichannel Notifications
  • Caters to Multiple Customer Segments
  • Paperless Billing
Powered by Intelligent Alerts and Notifications
Giving the End Users Choice and Control Over How, When and Where they
Receive Billing and Payment Alerts thereby Building Trust and Loyalty.

Communications that was Never this Simple and Easy!

  • IVR
  • Text
  • Chatbot
  • Push Notifications
  • Email
With the Focus on AI/ML, Blockchain, APIs, iPaySmart Serves as a
Versatile Payment Platform

AI Integration

iPaySmart utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to enhance user experiences and streamline payment processes. AI is employed for fraud detection, risk assessment, and personalized recommendations to optimize payment flows.


Multiple Use Cases

iPaySmart serves multiple industries, including energy & utilities, municipalities, telecom, eMobility, energy trading, and distributed energy resources (DER). Its versatile features include online payments, subscription billing, real-time alerts, customizable arrangements, and more, making it ideal for various businesses.


Blockchain Integration

iPaySmart incorporates blockchain technology to ensure the security and transparency of transactions. Blockchain's distributed ledger system provides a tamper-proof record of all payments, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring data integrity.


APIs + Microservices

iPaySmart offers a robust set of APIs and microservices that allow seamless integration with third-party applications and systems. Businesses can customize and extend the platform's functionality to meet their specific needs, making it a powerful tool for developers.


Enterprise Software Integration

iPaySmart is designed to work seamlessly with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, North Star, Cayenta, Tyler Munis, Hansen, Gentrack, and others. This integration ensures that payment data is synchronized with core business processes, enabling efficient financial management.

Why Choose iPaySmart?
Value Delivered

Up to90%


Up to92%


Up to40%

Lower Operational

Up to18-22%

Reduction in Call
Agent Volume