Experience the Best-in-Class Digital Payment and Billing Platform

Enhance Customer Service and Streamline Operations

Experience seamless and secure payment transactions with the best-in-class billing and payment platform. The single integrated platform that streamlines collection and validation of payments with an automated, configurable and scalable billing and payment CX platform.

Leverage benefits of seamless integration, rich user interface, and world class performance. Available for residential, commercial, small business and large enterprises. iPaySmart holds Level 1 PCI-DSS, ADA, GDPR and CCPA compliances, to give customers safe and secure payment experiences.

iPaySmart for Payments - Accelerate Revenue Realisation and
Simplified Operations

Supercharge payment experience with the best-in-class platform.

  • Multiple and Flexible Payment Methods
  • Real-time, Secure and Complaint
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Payment Extensions and Automatic Payments
  • Powerful Reporting and Analytics

iPaySmart for Billing- An Integrated Suite

Now give your users a choice to view & pay bill, review bill history, adopt paperless billing and much more with iPaySmart’s self-service platform.

  • Single sign-On
  • Electronic Bill Presentment
  • Access to Historic Bills up to 24 Months
  • Budget Billing and Bill Alerts

iPaySmart for Intelligent Alerts and Notifications

Giving the end users choice and control over how, when and where they receive billing and payment
alerts thereby building trust and loyalty.

Communications that was never this simple and easy!




Alexa or Google Home

Push Notifications


The Chosen Platform for Leading Businesses

Businesses need strategic partners that offer the right mix of expertise, technology, tools, and data to
weather uncertainty and achieve their growth potential.

Accept Payments

Manage Risk

Accelerate Growth

Streamline Operations

Value Delivered

Up to 90%


Up to 92%


Up to 40%


Up to 18-22%

Reduction in
Call Agent

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